Smart documents integrated into your business process

  • Seamless ERP or CRM integration with correct data
  • Improved information flow
  • Faster execution of ordered goods or services
  • Speed up your sales or other process.
  • For office staff and mobile employees.

For all your contracts, quotations, order forms, delivery notes, work orders …

Does each employee manage their own documents?

As a manager, do you not have an overview of who in your team manages which documents?

Are order forms, contracts, quotations filled in carelessly or incompletely?

Are data manually entered into your ERP or CRM?

Does this often lead to errors or incorrect data?

ContractZA Do you still complete documents on paper?
ContractZA Do you still complete documents on paper?

Does your representative still use paper order forms?

Are signed documents delivered to your office with a delay, with missing or illegible data?

Do you lose valuable time between assignment and execution?

Contract Management System

Using ContractZA , employees can prepare, share and follow up smart documents, both in the office and on the road.

There is always an overview of the status of each document (open, signed, archived,…).

ContractZAcan be consulted on a PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet, which guarantees smooth and online access.

ContractZA dashboard
ContracZA with smart documents

Smart documents

ContractZA creates smart documents, which allows check business rules to be checked while completing and signing a document online. This results in error-free (ERP) integration, improved information flow and a faster execution of the ordered goods or services.

This increases the efficiency of the team.

Benefits of ContractZA for…

the representative

  • Compared to paper administration, the ease of use is higher.
  • The customer and the sales process receive more attention.
  • Thanks to a connection with your ERP or CRM, the information is always up-to-date.
  • Documents (order forms, contracts, …) can always be filled in immediately at the customer.
  • The signed document immediately arrives in the customer’s mailbox.
  • Afterwards, no more administration is required at the office.
  • Reps have more time to sell.

the office staff

  • Orders placed can be followed up in real time.
  • The workload is reduced because all data is immediately processed in your ERP or CRM.
  • Orders, deliveries and stock can be tracked faster, better and more accurately.

the company

  • Order orders are processed faster.
  • There is less paperwork and manual administration.
  • The link made with your back office (ERP, CRM) is real-time and ensures that correct information is used during the completion of the document.
  • After signing, this information is sent in real-time to your back office, so there is no delay in processing the order.
  • Your image will be improved.

Why choose ContractZA?

ContractZA‘s smart documents become part of your business process As a result, documents are completed and signed faster, with correct data, so that a real-time error-free (ERP) integration ensures a better information flow in your company.


Sign documents faster


Improved information flow


Correct data


Flawless (ERP) integration

Where can I use ContractZA?

Our services can be used for various transactions in many sectors. Documents can be signed with common, advanced and qualified (eIDAS) signatures.


Mandates, reports, contracts with suppliers, …

Health care sector

Purchase of materials, doctor’s certificates, hospitalization, …


Employment contracts, car policy agreement, work regulations, …


Government documents, tax return, …

Financial & accountancy

Payment cards, checks, direct debit, payment software, …


Rental agreements, site descriptions, energy contracts, EPCs,…

Enter data from ERP or CRM

You can use real-time data from your ERP or CRM when filling in forms online. This way, the processing will run smoothly and automatically.

This will make completing complex forms much smoother and data will remain up-to-date.

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Using ERP or CRM when filling out forms online. This way, the processing will run smoothly and automatically.
BCE data to be used in ContractZA

Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

There is a real-time connection with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. New customer data can thus be automatically retrieved from the CBE.

In this way, new customer data can be processed easily and without errors.

Logo economie

Dimona integration

Thanks to the integration of Dimona in ContractZA, declarations can be automatically created and sent to Dimona when an employee contract is created.

All types of Dimona declarations are supported: IN, OUT, UPDATE, CANCEL

Dimona declarations that are automatically created and sent to Dimona when an employee contract is created.
ContractZA blue icon computer screen

Manage templates

ContractZAhelps your salespeople and representatives to complete documents and forms.

All templates are managed in a central environment. You can add business logic so that complex documents are perfectly completed.

ContractZA blue icon computer screen

Easy to prepare

You can use real-time data from your system (customer and stock data) to prepare documents. Thanks to the real-time data, filling in is simplified and errors are excluded.

You can then immediately forward the documents to the signer and follow up.

ContractZA Blue icon sign online

Sign online

The whole process is speeded up as the signer can immediately sign the document using a pen, TAN / SMS, ZealID, eID or Itsme.

Contractza sign document with SMSContractza sign document on a tochscreenContractZA Document sign document wih itsmeContractZAsign Document with eID cardLogo Zealid

Legally signed in the European Union

Thanks to European legislation (eIDAS regulation), all your documents in the European community can be legally signed, regardless of how.

Contractza sign document with SMSContractza sign document on a tochscreenContractZA Document sign document wih itsmeContractZAsign Document with eID card
Signing with an eID card, SMS, Itsme or a signature on a touch screen (PC, tablet, smartphone) are therefore legally valid throughout the European Union.

Logo Zealid
Thanks to the integration with ZealiD, your European customers can sign with a qualified signature.

The map of Europe, with a few dark colored countries in Europe.

Controlled access to your documents

Application administrators manage the templates and user rights. This way you can manage who has access to which documents. Create groups and roles so that different departments can manage their own documents.

Integration with ERP or CRM

Using our API you can easily integrate your ERP or CRM applications with the FIT application. This allows data to be sent to and from MyContracts in real time, ensuring a smooth data flow.

Betrust Secure Signing Platform

ContractZA uses the Betrust Secure Signing Platform. For example, the possibilities are expanded to also have documents completed and signed in other ways.

Onboarding and support

Every customer is different and has their own wishes. During your onboarding period, Contractza consultants will help you create forms, test, train your representatives and launch the product. After you go online, the Contractza support team will always provide further support.

Our customers

ContractZA employees at the office

About us

Betrust N.V. is specialized in providing services related to digital signatures, authentication, archiving and delivery of documents, and more …

These services are delivered in a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Our services allow companies to expand their business applications, reducing management costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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