Problems with inefficient management

As a company grows, more and more agreements are concluded by more and more parties or persons. If no proper contract management system is in place at that point, everything immediately becomes a complex chaos. Inefficiency and unnecessary costs are the result of a lack of control.

Here are just a few of the issues that arise with inefficient or missing contract management:

  • Current contracts by mistake or oblivion, not or late renewed or terminated
  • Lack of an overview of current contracts and the associated costs
  • A lot of time is lost searching for the right information
  • Due to a mistake double conclusion of contracts such as licenses
  • No or poor document security: information falls into the wrong hands
  • Contracts are not digitized and / or centralized

As a result, the hidden costs as a result of inefficient contract management can quickly add up. And that while the process is fairly easy to implement by means of contract management software!

Added value of contract management

Anyone who implementscontract management correctly will immediately reap the benefits.

From the very first step you create a better overview and you experience the profit that can often be achieved, namely:

1. Contract management offers insight through overview

Whether you are searching by document type, relation or the contact person within the organization, you want to have the right information at hand at any time. A quote, memo, e-mail correspondence, attachments, the contract or general terms and conditions: everything is centrally available anytime, anywhere.

With contract management software you manage contracts in one central place. You can perform extensive searches and selections based on metadata. This way you have insight into current appointments at any time without losing valuable time.

2. Contract management increases the quality of your services

You have just concluded a contract. How are you going to ensure that this delivers what it is supposed to deliver? Sound contract management is essential for quality control. How are you going to ensure that this delivers what it is supposed to deliver? Sound contract management is essential for quality control. This also applies to colleagues whose mission is to keep customers satisfied. This gives you more control over the quality of the services and / or products you receive and deliver.

3. Contract management avoids tacit renewal

When registering contracts, you can indicate specific time intervals at which a task is automatically assigned to a specific person. You will then receive a notification by e-mail. You do this with workflow management. This workflow, also called workflow, ensures that no steps are skipped or forgotten. A tacit renewal is in principle a thing of the past from now on.

4. Contract management supports relationship management

Contract management is essentially about a good relationship, as the basis for optimal cooperation. Relationship management occupies a central place within ContractZA. The CRM system has all the tools that can optimize the customer or supplier contract. Examples of this are:

  • Up-to-date data
  • All information in one overview
  • All documents are automatically created in the correct professional corporate identity
5. Contract management guarantees safe management

You want only the right people to have access to the correct information without running the risk of sensitive information reaching the wrong people. With ContractZA you can tailor the access authorization to documents. You decide which persons can consult which documents where. This can vary per document: from read-only to adding, changing or even removing.


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