In a previous blog we already demonstrated the importance of good contract management. Now we look at how smart forms or smart documents fit into this system. Smart documentsand their efficient management are the pillars of a solid contract management system. But what about all this?

What are smart documents?

Too many companies still cling to pen and paper, spreadsheets or other inflexible software. This for filling in and managing their documents and forms. These methods are then time consuming, inefficient and therefore very expensive. Moreover, this way of working is not protected from errors. This can cause paper or unsecured documents to fall into the wrong hands. Smart Forms contribute to digitizing, automating and accelerating processes.

After all, documents formthe basis of all communication in our daily and professional life. In no way are documents or contracts to be ignored. More than ever, an enormous amount of data has to be created, recorded, processed and secured today. It is therefore incomprehensible that our documents and their management have barely evolved over the last 30 years!

Smart documents and the ContractZA platform

The ContractZA platformoptimizes and accelerates processes in the management of documents and contracts. The use of smart documents is therefore indispensable in such a process. The use of smart forms has many advantages:

  • already known information has already been entered
  • only the most essential information still needs to be completed
  • can be used both online and offline
  • applicable on various devices: smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet
  • reduces processes from weeks to minutes
  • smart forms are digitally signed

The benefits of smart forms

You will undoubtedly recognize the mess with paper documents: they are lost, contain errors, are no longer up-to-date or end up with the wrong people.

The use of digital smart documents puts an end to this.

With ContractZA your employees or employees can prepare, share and follow up documents, wherever and whenever they want.

There is always a status available for each document:

  • open
  • signed
  • archived

ContractZA is suitable for all common devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone), which guarantees smooth access at any time.

Het gebruik van smart forms

The use of smart forms

The party involved (this can be an employee or customer, for example) fills in a form digitally. This is done in a customer-friendly, simple way and on a device of your choice. This can be a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

The principle of smart documents is that all available data is automatically supplemented. In addition, all kinds of checksare carried out so that errors are avoided.

All processes related to processing and approval are automatically controlled by the system. In this way, the customer or employee is presented with a fully completed document. Any changes made will be processed immediately. Processes are therefore reduced to just a few minutes.

Smart forms within efficient contract management

The use of smart documents within an efficient contract management system is indispensable. Our ContractZA platform offers a smart, accessible and efficient solution for this. Are you curious about how our platform also simplifies your administration and offers many other benefits? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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