Today we already know all kinds of smart applications and devices. The smartphone is perhaps the most established of these. He is simply an integral part of the daily life of each of us, young or old. He therefore bundles a lot of tasks: we manage our agenda, do banking, check e-mails and social media. And oh yes, sometimes we also call with it 😊.

There are also smart cars, smart houses, smart computers, smart watches, smart refrigerators and we can go on and on.

But what do we know about smart documents?

Documents are the basis of all communication in our daily and professional life. In no way are documents or contracts to be ignored. An enormous amount of data and agreements have to be recorded. However, our documents and their management have barely evolved over the last 30 years!

Rapid technological developments

Technology is evolving very quickly. Nobody will deny that. We can even say that technology is developing faster than some of us want. It is therefore not easy to keep up with the latest novelties.

Whether you are for or against all these innovations, there is one item that we all use every day: documents.

Documents provide connection. Just think of contracts and all kinds of agreements. Documents are the basis for communication, data storage and control.


Documents are a necessity

No business can work without documents. Every company has the need to format, view, share, edit, secure,… documents.

Smart forms

As we said, documents and contracts are the building blocks of any business. No company, no matter how large or small, can do without it. That is why there is a need to “make things smarter” in the field of document management as well. In a previous blog we could already discover what the most common problems are:

  • things get complicated
  • documents must be remotely managed
  • certain information is susceptible to fraud
  • some information is prone to errors or omissions
  • etc.

Smart documents offer a suitable solution for this.

Also for contract management

Every professional, from marketer to accountant, relies on specialized software to optimize his / her work. Why not extend this to one of the most important pillars within the organization: contract management?

Today, working with remote teams is the norm. People work together on one project from multiple locations around the world. Even after the Corona crisis, it is assumed that working from home will remain of unchanging value.

However your business structure is set up, every CEO wants work done as efficiently as possible. The right tools and software help with this. We have previouslyhighlighted the benefits of well thought-out contract management. In fact, a study by IDC found that non-automated or inefficient document management is responsible for a productivity loss of as much as 21.3%.

Invest in automated contract management

We need smart documents to be dynamic:

  • the desired persons must have the opportunity to view and collaborate on digital content
  • authorized persons must be able to digitally signdocuments
  • there must be possibilities to deny unauthorized access to documents

ContractZA offers you a smart document management tool that brings all the bits and pieces of digital (business) life together in one central place. Knowing more? Contact us!


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