You already discovered the importance of good contract management in a previous blog. By developing and using a well thought-out contract management system, you immediately create a better overview and experience benefits in various areas.

Today we’re going to go one step further and clarify why the use of smart forms is an essential part of automated contract management.

Smart documents

Documents and contracts are essential within a company. No organization, from one-man business to multinational, can do without the use of documents. That is why it is important to automate and digitize processes in the field of document management. Earlieryou read about the most common problems:

  • increasingly complex matters and processes
  • the need to manage documents remotely
  • susceptibility to fraud and confidentiality of certain information
  • some things are prone to errors or omissions
  • etc.

Smart documents offer a suitable solution for this.

Sign documents digitally

As you know, ContractZAis a platform for contract management, or in other words a document transaction platform where your employees prepare, share and follow up on smart documents. This can all be done from a single application.

Due to the digitization and automation of these processes, the signing process must of course also be digitized. That is why we have hired a partner for this process at ContractZA.

Betrust N.V. offers specialized services with regard to digital signing, certification, archiving and sending your documents.

This is done in the form of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

In this way, companies have the opportunity to extend their business applications with these services in order to reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

You can sign online anywhere

By offering your customers and employees the option of digitally signing forms, you offer them enormous flexibility. You can draw whenever and wherever you want by means of a digital or electronic signature.

Digital signing can be done anytime, anywhere and on all possible devices such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This makes the system extremely user-friendly.

Digital signing is safe

Digital signing is extremely safe and legal. European legislation (eIDAS regulation) ensures that all your documents within the European Community are legallysigned, regardless of how this is done:

  • sign with your eID card
  • SMS
  • Itsme
  • a signature on a touchscreen (PC, tablet, smartphone)

All signatures are timestamped. In addition, documents are certifiedto ensure the integrity of the document when signed.

Digital signatures are very easy to integrate into your ERP, CRM or other application by means of a powerful API. An Application Programming Interface is a software application that ensures that two applications communicate with each other. In other words, they enable data transfer from one system to another.

Knowing more?

Are you, like many other entrepreneurs, convinced of the added value of an automated contract management system? Are you interested in the benefits of smart forms? We would be happy to tell you more about how it works and to offer you afree demo. That way you can experience first-hand the benefits this system will bring to you and your company. Contact us for more information.


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