Problems with ineffective management

As an organization grows, more and more agreements will be concluded by different parties or persons. Well thought-out smart systems of contract management or contract management is then essential. Lack of control leads to inefficient processes and unnecessary costs.

Here are the main issues that arise with inappropriate or incorrect contract management:

  • Due to negligence or error, current agreements are not extended or terminated too late
  • we miss an overview of current contracts and the associated costs
  • we waste too much time looking for the right information
  • by mistake contracts or licenses are concluded twice
  • poor or even no document security: information can fall into the wrong hands
  • contracts are not digitized and / or centralized

As a result, the hidden costs as a result of such inefficient contract management can quickly become high. And that while the process of automated contract management is fairly easy to implement by means of contract management software!

Smart forms

In one of the previous blogs you could already get acquainted with what contract management entails. And also what positive consequences are associated with successful contract management.

The digitization of this process is of course the heart of the matter. Numerous advantages by bundling and digitizing all documents and information, such as:

  • financial profit
  • time savings
  • better service
  • limited legal risks
  • In the event of a disrupted relationship with a supplier, employee or a third party, reference can be made to previously made agreements at all times

The use of smart forms or smart documents plays a crucial role in this.

Smart documents offer many advantages strong :

  • already known information is pre-filled by a smart form
  • only the most essential information needs to be further supplemented
  • can also be consulted and used online and offline
  • applicable to various devices: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet
  • converting processes from weeks to minutes in no time
  • Smart forms are provided with a digital signature

Digital signature

On the platform that we manage, documents are kept and digitally signed.

Today, digitally signing contracts and documents can be done in many ways:

  • SMS
  • Itsme
  • eID
  • by means of a touch screen on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC

Betrust N.V. makes it possible to digitally sign, certify, archive and send documents. These services are offered in the form of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This gives organizations and companies the opportunity to expand their business applications with these services. As a result, drastically reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Also for SME’S

Companies with a smaller volume of documents and contracts will havea different platform available. It would not be wise to think that as an SME you need an ineffective document management system, quite the contrary!

This platform also uses the Betrust Secure Signing Platform (BSSP), it also provides all basic functionalities to have your documents completed and signed online.

Knowing more?

Whether you are a small SME or a multinational: every organization benefits from a tailor-made contract management system. Our ContractZA platform provides young and old with an efficient document management system. With the help of an API (Application Programming Interface), platforms for digital signature can be linked to one. This is a software interface that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Contact us for more information.


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